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Football Baby is a project of general development classes with elements of football for children aged 2-3 and involves the active participation of a parent or guardian.
This is an innovative undertaking and one of Football Academy’s flagship projects which is part of the largest network of youth soccer schools in our country.
The Football Baby initiative is the first step towards shaping appropriate motor coordination and the correct psychophysical attitudes of the youngest within an atmosphere of joint fun and integration of children with parents/ guardians and other children under the care of a professional instructor.
Classes are conducted in a safe environment and friendly atmosphere with the use of special training equipment tailored to the needs of the youngest.
Our versatile programme which supports the comprehensive development of a child has been built up on the basis of many years of experience shared by professionals working on the Football Academy project.

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All interested boys and girls are invited to start their football adventure with Football Baby from the age of two.

We provide the highest level of services, creativity, passion for action and unique forms of promotion making us the most recognisable and the most dynamically developing brand dedicated to the youngest lovers of football in Poland.

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How much for that?

The monthly fee for attending the soccer school depends on the location of the Football Baby centre and the costs associated with running such branch.

The fee covers a training once a week, insurance policy and attending other events organised by the soccer school.

For details about fees, please ask the Football Baby branch manager directly.

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